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Hi I'm Dennis Wellington

My mission is to enrich others who want to create their dream business online so they can generate consistent income and live life on their terms.

It's possible. I started from nothing and was able to completely change my life through an online business, and now looking to help others do the same...

I'm a husband, father of two lovely daughters, and grandfather of five grandchildren. I've served in the U.S. Military and have been in the Telecommunications World for the last 40 years...

Been blessed to see and learn from so many people who came into my life.  Love to share the experiences and skills that I have learned over the years, plus help people in any way to realize their dreams and goals... 

This is my personal site where you can learn more about me, get premium

content for free, ask me questions, and get the tools, resources, and

connections that will help you create the life of your dreams.


Here's My Story...

My parents migrated to the United States in the late '60s. to Jersey City, NJ. They worked hard and always believed in education they were always pushing me to do great things with my life.
They saw so many bad things and did not want their only child to experience the same, so they encourage me to go to school and get a good education and learn the golden rule. :)

We never had much money, but we always seemed to get by. My mother emphasized a lot of reading. I used to read all my mom’s old books for fun in the summer when I ran out of library books.  (Do you remember having a library card?)  LOL

I got good grades in high school and got into a pretty good college. I did a couple of years in college, but then I joined the U.S. Air Force!

I was able to see the world and how people really were. I had no clue.  It was at that point when life gave me a beat-down!


I was fresh out of the military and thought the world owed me a living.

I was very fortunate to land a job with a telecommunication company.

It was a pretty good job, but there was still something missing.

The Breakthrough...

Luckily for me, I didn't give up. And I'm so glad that I didn't!

When I was at the lowest point in my life, a real mentor showed up. He gave me a different blueprint to follow, and I was smart enough to take his advice and run with it without asking any questions.

Hell, my way wasn't working: what did I have to lose?

"Don't be just another affiliate marketer out there," he said...

"If you're just like everybody else, you're a nobody," he continued...

That made a lot of sense, you see - before that, I was following the crowd and doing exactly what everyone else was doing.

So, I started following a different model. (My mentor has made this model available in great detail in a free masterclass here)

In the next 90 days, I was more confident and earning a very nice income, which helped me to live life on my own terms.

Finally, The Good Life!

People who say 'money can't make you happy' probably either don't have any money or don't know where to shop!😃

Earning more money enabled me to give better things for my family, gave me more options, and removed much stress. Plus I was able to move to a place where the cost of living is very low.

Here is a Big tip for you, "It's not how much money you have, it's how far that money will go!.. We will talk more about this in one of my blog posts.

By following this blueprint, my income increased, and my life completely changed for the better. It's a feeling I sincerely wish for you to experience as well!

My Vision, My Mission

I truly believe that each one teach one and the power of giving back.

My wife and I started the Wellington College Fund, where we mentor and assist young men and women in Higher education and learning. 

 I believe that everyone should do their part in the World by giving back and lending a hand and showing young people today what is the right direction, it doesn't take much to make a difference in someone's life.  

We always say “A little caring and guidance goes a very long way!”

EVERYBODY deserves to be successful, and success should be automatic, success is just a default result of following the right set of blueprints.

What About You?

My dear friend look...

If you're reading this, and my story resonated with you...

If you're anything like I was initially: you have a big desire to

create a stress-free life, earn more income, create more time

freedom, and give yourself and your family a truly amazing lifestyle that you guys deserve...

But you don't know where to start and what to do...

Perhaps you've tried many different things only to get

disappointed... and it frustrated you because you know that you deserve something better; you feel it deep inside!

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you're ready for a real breakthrough...

You can get help right here, just like myself and so many others just like you.

We'll keep this very simple_ I'd like to invite you to attend the

free masterclass I'm hosting with my mentor Vick Strizhues. He will give you the blueprint to follow that can change your life- no fluff, no-nonsense.

This could really be exactly what you've been looking for.

You can register your spot here.

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Making Connections

Networking and connecting great companies to wonderful people...



Let's work together and change our little part of the World...

"Making this Planet A Better Place One Person At A Time!"

Reaching New Heights in


“To enrich people who want to change their lives, and to help young people change the

World by changing how they think as an Entrepreneur .”

~ Dennis Wellington